Professor Layton and the First Blog Post

Firstly, I think it’s apt that we get our mandatory greeting over with. Hi, welcome to our blog. Information about Manga Market can be found on our profile page, but as a quick overview for those too lazy to view it:

We’re Manga Market, a recently founded, UK based retailer of anime and manga. We can be found at , or at least will be able to be found there once we have managed to transfer ourselves to a better server. The site will give you access to our forums, blog and store when it’s up and running, and we’ll see what else comes around after that!

Anyway, now that’s out the way, I’m going to ramble on about some intriguing news that I have found. Yes, this is all about “Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva”, an animated film based on the games. In fact, the movie has already had a DVD (and Blu-ray) release in Japan and Singapore, and is scheduled for a UK release in September this year, and if you have any concerns about the voice acting, it’s all sorted, the characters will be voiced by the same actors from the game series. In fact, it all plays out like one big cut scene really, only with much better animation.

The film is set shortly after the events of “Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute”, and follows a similar format to the games, so for those of you who haven’t already, it’s time to dust down your DS and start solving some puzzles.

A trailer for the Singapore release:

ADDITIONAL: There have been some reports that game and movie producers, Level-5, intend to release a movie annually for the forseeable future, and have announced that they are in the process of making another film with working title: “Professor Layton and the Second Movie”.


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