The Beez panel on Saturday at Amecon, was attended by Andrew Partridge, who is in charge of BeeZ’s UK releases, saw the announcement a number of new UK licenses, and some further announcements with regards to releases of previously obtained licenses.

The panel begun with the announcements of the 3 new licences :

1) The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (Sora Kake Girl) – A series set in the far future, where humans live in colonies orbitting far from the earth. Whilst attempting to flee an arranged marriage, Akiha Shishido encounters a malevolent A.I., in control of an abandoned colony.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Opening Credits

2) Sora No Woto – A post-apocalyptic anime, following the story of Kanata Sorami, on her quest to become a trumpeteer for the Helvetian army. It was mentioned that BeeZ will be looking to coordinate the release with U.S. license holder Rightstuf, and also may look into the possibility of releasing a soundtrack alongside it, though this depends on their ability to gain a license from the music studio.

Subtitled Japanese Trailer

3) Lucky Star – Based on a four panel comic strip, chiefly revolving around the day to day life of its four main characters: Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki. It is light hearted, and a popularly requested license from UK fans. Andrew Partridge from BeeZ said that the license was largely possible due to the existing U.S. release, and a price drop for the U.K. license. The series will be released in a two part set, and includes the OVA.

Lucky Star Full Opening Theme

In the panel, Andrew Partridge also mentioned an increase of over 200% in BeeZ sales since the introduction of the Anime Legends line, and stated his intention to keep Anime Legends releases going for the forseeable future.

Further details surrounding the releases of Outlaw Star and Durarara were also given, with Outlaw Star expected to be released as a single box set in November. The Big O will also be joining the anime legends line this autumn.

Durarara will be released with subs only in a three part set, the first will be available in time for the MCM expo in October, the second and third releases should be expected in November and January respectively. Andrew went on to mention that the license for Durarara had been acquired before the show had begun airing in Japan, a number of months before it was licensed for an American release. He mentioned that after surveying fans, the general consensus was that a quick release was more important than the inclusion of a dubbed track. The sub only disks will be sold at RRP of £24.99, and they will offer to upgrade these to the full releases (with dub) for a small fee when an american dub has been produced.

There was also mention of the two Gurren Lagann movies, to which Andrew responded with mixed feelings, stating that problems had arised in the american “sub-only” release, which was something that BeeZ had to bear in mind if they were to follow suit.

The panel continued with some vague interest shown in signing a number of titles, but nothing concrete, Andrew also mentioned the problems they had with the BBFC over a split second of background footage in Code Geass, but this won’t affect what licenses he is willing to target.

There was mention of the possibility of airing anime on british TV, though this was unlikely according to Andrew. He said the most likely buyers would be Channel 4, but it would probably be more likely to succeed if an industry driven “Anime Central” style channel appeared. After a quick survey of how many people would switch to Virgin Media if a channel like that was available, almost the entire room said they would.

After a number of jokes including “ANDREW IS GOING TO LICENSE EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET!” and a series of questions that left him hugging his bottle of rum, the panel was concluded with the line: “This panel was sponsored by Captain Morgan”.

2 Responses to “ANDREW IS GOING TO LICENSE EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET! Sponsored by Captain Morgan.”
  1. Liked the commentary of the panel, in fact liked the entire article, interesting videos with easy to read overview and casual humour.

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