Lucky Star Review.

Okay, so I could probably have made some stupid pun in the title, but they were all far too cheesy for my liking, so I figured I would stick to the point. Today I am going to talk to you about Lucky Star! Hooray!

The first time I saw anything about Lucky Star was when someone decided to post the intro footage on my facebook wall. It amused, scared and excited me all at once, but mostly it scared me. And for that reason I put the series to the back of my mind for a while…But as we approched Amecon, I began to hear the name “Lucky Star!” mentioned more, and once I discovered it had been licensed by BeeZ entertainment, it became a must watch.

Lucky Star is based on a four panel comic strip, that mainly focuses on the high school lives of Konata Izumi, twins Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyazuki Takara. As the friends progress through to their final year of high school, we’re shown the different aspects of the their personalities, and a whole host of adventures.

Of the main four characters, the story mainly follows Konata, and is driven by her mischievous character. Despite being athletic, and intelligent, Konata chooses to spend most of her school life reading manga, and staying up all night playing video games, and it’s these interests, coupled with Konata’s playful personality, that often fuel the character’s.

It is important that when you watch Lucky Star, you take it for what it is. It’s not particularly deep, or intellectually stimulating. It doesn’t have a strong and gripping plot. It’s just pure crack. And that’s what it sets out to be. Once you get over the initial “What the hell’s going on??! Why are they talking about how to eat cake?!?”, Lucky Star becomes the perfect easy watching. It’s funny, it’s easy going, and incredibly addictive; as such I found that I’d completed the series within a few days of starting it!

I wouldn’t really say that there are any major negatives about Lucky Star, however it does seem to rely on the personalities of 3 or 4 strong characters, with interesting quirks, to drive it. This doesn’t cause many problems for the series, as these tend to be frequently occuring characters, however it is noticeable when they’re absent. Scenes seem slower, blander, and generally just more boring.

Whilst it is generally light hearted, there are also a couple of moments where Lucky Star takes a stab at something more sentimental, but in an otherwise crazy and lively anime, this all just seems awkward and out of place.

It is unlikely that Lucky Star will be a series that I rave about in the future, and whilst it is never going to become a favourite of mine, it was probably one of the most enjoyable watches I have and will ever come across. So, if you can handle mindless crack, with no plot and limited character development, I can guarantee that you won’t regret watching Lucky Star!

Plot – 6/10.
No real plot, but then again, it wasn’t intended to have one!

Characters – 7/10.
A bit of a mix. Whilst a lot of the characters are incredibly likeable, and thankfully the show is driven by them, there are also a large number that are generally just bland and boring.

Storyline – 9/10.
The story skips from discussion to discussion in a way that perhaps resembles story progression in a comic strip. It is unique, and adds to the quirkiness of the series, though I would have liked there to be a bit more of a “goodbye” in the last episode. The ending seemed a little too abrupt…

Animation – 9/10.
Nicely animated, occasional dabbling in different styles of animation for some of the jokes. It all works well!

Sound/Music – 7/10.
Mostly unnoticable, which is usually a good sign, the starting theme is incredibly addictive…

Enjoyment – 9/10
Almost every episode had me in fits of laughter at least once, though it seems to reference “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” alot, so I would advise watching that first to truly appreciate some of the jokes…But it isn’t essential.

Overall – 78%

2 Responses to “Lucky Star Review.”
  1. Tom says:

    See, told you it looked awesome even though I’m only on episode 4 now, but yeah I think it sounds like what I need right now after angel beats…

    • t0mnomnom says:

      Haha, yeah. But I seem to find your definition of “awesome” pretty scary most the time. 😛 But yes, it turned out to be good! Hooray! 😀

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