Hyper Japan!

Remember, way back after Amecon, we told you we’d won tickets to Hyper Japan?

Well, down we went on Saturday morning (oh god so early), and after a queue that was fortunately not as long as it initally looked, we managed to get inside! It was held at the Truman Brewery, on Brick Lane.

Just inside the entrance – we’d arrived! The room wasn’t huge, but there was quite a bit squashed in. Mainly focussing on Japanese culture and style, with not many dealers at all. You could, however, try on a kimono or a suit of armour for a photo!


It was nice to start the day with some familiar faces! I met these guys at Amecon, as Prussia and Hungary from Hetalia, and they never fail to wow with their amazing costumes! I’m looking forward to seeing them at MCM!

Pretty pretty figurines at the Square Enix stall – they also had posters for some upcoming releases.

Looking pretty dark there, boys…

I found out there was a Kingdom Hearts game coming out too! I’m really excited about this, the previous ones were epic. The poster is so pretty, and I’m loving the website.

There were quite a few Final Fantasy cosplayers around!

And Naruto cosplayers too:
The youngest cosplayer in the place!

The show had a huge number of Gothic Lolita’s wandering around as well, as KERA magazine was exhibiting.
There were too many to get photos of them all, but the dresses and styles were absolutely amazing!

These girls came over from Ireland to check out the show!

This is Lady Shinjuku modelling one of the amazing designs from her folksy store. She said she’ll be at MCM as well, so try and find her!

Possibly the biggest plushie in the world ever next to the screening room. He was at least twice my height! He certainly looked a lot cuddlier as a plushie than he did on the One Piece poster behind him!

Lunchtime! There weren’t many places to sit in the con hall, which was a shame, but understandable given the size.

Lots more cosplay after lunch…

Possibly my favourite photo of the day, and also our new Caption Competition over on our forums! Let’s see what you guys can come up with!

The top three bestselling Manga in Japan!

And of course we had the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes preview! I am so excited about this anime, I can’t explain it. It premieres around the 8th October, depending on your location, and looks like it’s going to be really good fun. I love the costume styles, and the whole idea of it. It’s coming out as a PSP game as well – PSP’s answer to Professor Layton?

My find of the day:

For a chance to win this little cutie, or one of our other prizes, head on over to our forums and introduce yourself! There will be a prize draw in the middle of next week and the winners will be announced on the blog. Once you’ve been announced, get in contact with us and we’ll ship your prize to you!

If you’ve seen yourself on this blog, stop by and say hi! Share some of your other cosplay photos on the forums too. We like to see them, and we know you like to show them.

I’m about to head off to Leicester University’s Fresher’s Fair now – if you met me there and found your way here through the leaflets, say hi too! I don’t bite, and I know where some of the good pubs are around here.

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  1. t0mnomnom says:

    Lots of pictures! Who’s that in the armour? šŸ˜›

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