MCM Stock Preview

Hello everyone, we’ve just finished our orders for the MCM expo, so I thought I’d give you a quick overview of some of the series that I’m excited about. Other than the standard titles, such as Vampire Knight, Full Metal Alchemist, Claymore…etc… We’ve looked at bringing in some newer titles, and maybe a few you’d overlooked before.

Kobato – Kobato Hanato is a cute, innocent girl, who seeks to fill her mysterious bottle which, when full, will grant her a wish. To fill the bottle, Kobato must “heal” the hearts of others, on the condition that she does not fall in love with anyone whose heart she heals.

Kobato is a manga series by Clamp, and as such is visually stunning. It’s light, and airy, and a manga I would love to have in my collection.

Pandora Hearts – It’s Oz Bezarius’ fifteenth birthday, and as the heir to the Bezarius dukedom, his coming of age will put him at the head of one of the most powerful families in the kingdom, however not all goes to plan, and Oz finds himself banished to the abyss for a “sin”. The sin being his very exisence. In the abyss, Oz makes a pact with a powerful creature (known as a chain), called Alice, who also seeks to escape the abyss in order to reclaim her lost memories.

I first came across Pandora Hearts through its anime adaptation, and it was one of the first books we sold at Amecon. It’s beautifully drawn, with an exciting supernatural fantasy plot to keep you hooked.

Black Butler– Set in victorian England, butler Sebastien Michaelis works for his 12 year old master, an orphaned heir to a strong sweet and toy empire. Although Sebastien has the appearance of a normal butler, his demonic lineage provides him with superhuman abilities, which allow him to complete any task his master asks of him.

Whilst I know very little of Black Butler, and reviews are varied, Black Butler is none the less a series that is worth at least trying out, it follows the route of a shonen action manga, rather than the historical theme implied by its covers, in fact with the use of car chases and cell phones, I wouldn’t expect it to be historically accurate at all.

That’s all for now, expect more overviews to come! 🙂


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