MCM: The Final Countdown

The time is nearly here – MCM Expo kicks off this Friday, Manga Market’s first trader event! I’m very excited, and I’ve been scoping out events that I want to try and get to if I can sweet talk the rest of the crew to cover for me at the time. Here’s a run down of some of the things I personally think it’s worth looking out for!

Comic/Anime Village

An area where guest artists and con attendees can gather together to appreciate the best of sequential art. Head along to see some of the artists and writers attending, who will be giving panels and most likely exhibiting their work! If you were at Amecon, you’ll remember DestinyBlue, designer of the Guest Badge, who’ll be exhibiting at Expo as well.

Cosplay Photoshoots

Taking place across Saturday and Sunday as part of the MCM Fringe, meet up with people in cosplay from your series for epic group photoshoots across the weekend! I’ll be attending the Sailor Moon photoshoot on Saturday, who else will be there? The Fringe has also arranged a load of general cosplay meetups, and for a bit of a challenge, a game of Cosplay Chess!

For a full schedule, take a look here

EuroCosplay 2010

MCM is also toting the final of the first EuroCosplay competition. If you were at Amecon, you may remember the finalists strutting their stuff on the masquerade catwalk, including the incredible Catbus costume! Expect to see a display of these and more, from 18 other countries across Europe as players compete to impress a panel of Cosplaying Glitterati from around the world. For more information and to view a slideshow of the finallists, check out the page on the MCM website.


As well as a huge variety of media guests, including stars from A Town Called Eureka, Supernatural, Andromeda and many more, Anime fans are also being given the chance to meet Stephanie Sheh, who has had VA roles in a huge number of series, and tots up on her CV the names of Orihime Inoue in Bleach, the voice of the Sexy No Jutsu in Naruto, Akira Kogame in Lucky Star, and many many more.

Also there will be Michael Sinterniklaas, another fantastically talented VA, who you may know at Leo from Fullmetal Alchemist, or Mahad from Yu-Gi-Oh!, or maybe even Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is also the voice of Dean Venture from the hugely successful western animation Venture Brothers, and has provided regular voices for Pokemon, Slayers and One Piece to name just a few.

Both Michael and Stephanie will be at Expo on Saturday and Sunday, signing autographs, chatting to fans and there may even be an opportunity to have a photoshoot with them. Keep your eyes peeled!


Following a busy summer of events, including Amecon and Alcon, CosplayPortrait photographers will also be out and about doing shoots at Expo. Having used their services myself at Amecon, I really recommend checking these guys out – they’re friendly, professional and being cosplayers themselves they know what they’re doing when it comes to making you guys look good. Check out their website to see some of the pictures from events over the summer, including MCM Expo in May. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, to maybe add to my portfolio from them. They’re able to print photos on the day, and do some great deals so make sure to go say hi!

The Party

Saturday night is the great big MCM party – drinks, cosplay and a really great atmosphere. Be sure to check it out!

Manga Market is also in the Expo conbook!

Under the name of our sponsor company, White Lantern Limited you can find us in the ‘W’ section of the trader information.

We’ll be tweeting all weekend using our twitter account. Keep an eye out for us, hopefully we’ll be tweeting pictures of cool cosplays and well! Make sure to stop by stall 808 and say hello as well, we look forward to meeting you!


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