Thought Bubble Festival And 24 Hour Comic Challenge

The 24th Leeds International Film Festival Presents: Thought Bubble 2010, a 4 day celebration of sequential art, giving the public a wide range of events and workshops, and the chance to see screenings of anime features: Gintama The Movie, One Piece: Strong World, Mardock Scramble: The First Compression, Evangelion 2.0: You (can) not advance, Interstella 5555 and Redline.

The festival starts on Thursday 18th, and continues until Sunday 21st December, and hosts high profile guests such as John Romita Jr, Marvel comics artist best known for his work on Kick-Ass, Spider Manand The Avengers.

An event of particular interest to us, is Thought Bubble’s very first “24 Hour Comic Event”. Starting at midday on Thursday at the , the event aims to team up writers and artists (or you can enter on your own), and give them the challenge of creating a completely fresh comic, 24 pages long, in 24 hours. Manga Market are hoping to be represented at the event, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! If you’re a writer/artist/both, over 18, and are interested in participating in this event, e-mail:, a regestration form can be found here

More information can be found on the Thought Bubble Website, and via e-mail:


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