ThoughtBubble 24 Hour Comic Marathon

As you may have read earlier, one of our intrepid team set out at the end of last week to visit the ThoughtBubble comic convention in Leeds, and took part in the 24-page-24-hour Comic Marathon. Teamed with a variety of other writers and artists, the end product, ‘Death Rides the Skyway’ is now available online.

Tom describes it as being “It’s sort of Agatha Christie meets Asimov meets Sin City”.

If you’ve got a spare bit of time, do check it out! Tom didn’t draw much of it, and the others involved were the wonderful Patrick Harkin, Andy, Kenneth McFarlane, Andy Sykes, Dr. Simpo, Tom McC and Lisa Wood.

One Response to “ThoughtBubble 24 Hour Comic Marathon”
  1. t0mnomnom says:

    Haha, it was a bit crazy. And I think the comic only partly tellsthe story… 😛 Next time: more sleep, have an artist in my team.

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