Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle – Vampire Knight Part 1 Review

The hit manga Vampire Knight is now also an anime! 🙂

Title: Vampire Knight
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, High School
Rating: 12

Overall: 4/5

DVD Cover

“Vampires are beasts in human form- they exist, you just don’t realise they’re there”-thank you, ‘Vampire Knight’ for making me paranoid…

With only four episodes of the anime to watch and review I really didn’t expect it to be so thought-provoking and intense (just assuming it was a vampire version of SpongeBob or something) but after watching it I was full of questions and talking points, and I was genuinely glad it gave a more serious outlook. With so many positives- for example its intense visual appeal (think dusky undertones and risqué vampires) and cleverly thought out plot, with beautifully dark elements woven in – it kept me engaged right from the start and made me completely re-think my whole outlook on fantasy.

It appears I’ve fallen foul to the modern media vampire, but after watching this I no longer believed vampires to be six packed Edward Cullen-like sissies with a pathetic similarity to the Jonas Brothers (if they bit a few humans). I didn’t even think they were like the creepily eerie weirdos that the ‘Let The Right One In’ series seemed to suggest (yes, I am now scared Swedish children). What I started to think was that vampires are probably more like what the BBC showed me in the 90s- gentlemanly and dark like Mr Darcy but with hints of vampiric charm. I started to be thankful that I’d progressed from the ‘Twilight’ era.

The storypf Vapire Knight revolves around a private boarding school, Cross Academy, of which there is a Day Class (who ironically have lessons during the day) and a Night Class (well, go figure…). The “twist” is that the Night Class are secretly vampires, although no one knows of this, except for the 2 prefects of the Day Class (main characters Kiru and Zero) and the headmaster. Throughout the episodes we learn more about the dark histories of Kiru and Zero, which helps explain their differing views on vampires, and are also introduced more to the Night Class characters and vampire types in a visually appealing way. Right from the start it is evident there may be love across the tracks- with Day Class Prefect Kiru and Night Class Dorm Master Kename sharing chemistry, although I won’t ruin any surprises just yet…

Having only watched the first four episodes, and desperately waiting for the next ones to be published, the overall conclusion I can come to is that this is a hit anime in the making, and does the manga justice. There is plenty already which keeps viewers absorbed from day one. The hot vampires and dark brooding undertones helps, but the main appeal is the fact the plot is so explorative and enthralling. You constantly want to watch to see what the next twist is, or the next relationship step, or the next unfortunate event. The fact that even in just four episodes so much back story has been revealed to help explain the plot really makes this an anime worth watching, and appears to be setting itself up for something big. Unfortunately for us, there is a brilliant twist right at the end of episode 4 which made me almost scream (but I’ll have to be patient), and the potential forbidden love between Kiru and Kename Senpai adds a bit of naughty thrill. So, if you’re really up for some serious vampire watching then chuck Twilight out (please for the love of god do it now…if Edward Cullen gets any more hype I will do a Britney and shave my hair off) and be prepared to let some real vampires take you on a ride.

ADDITIONAL: Vampire Knight Part 1 (featuring episodes 1-4) was released this Monday, and for those of you,like Sehrah, itching for the next installment, thankfully you only have to wait until 13th December!

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