New Year Resolutions, Requests and Releases.

New Year fireworks!

I was never really the sort to make New Year resolutions, I always forget, or give up anyway, and what exactly is a resolution anyway? Well with the help of google define I can find at least 20, but the most convenient is probably: finding a solution to a problem.

As a fairly optimistic person, I like to think I have no problems. Jay-Z apparently has enough for most of us anyway.

But then I thought of the idea in a different light. If I replaced these “Resolutions” with “Targets” (which is probably a lot closer to the more suited definition of resolution…), I could perform like a Labour government for a year. Or more fittingly, I could have something to work towards, a way of improving myself or as the English Education Authority might say, becoming “The Best That [I] Can Be”. But let’s stick to the point.

Being of the ripe young age of 20, not having access to cable/Sky/satellite TV as a child, and coming from a small fairly rural town in the midlands, there is an entire generation of anime and manga to which I have had little access, and whilst I have gallantly tried to educate myself to these, I still have a lot of catching up to do. As such, I have decided that my new year “Resolution” will be to watch, and read, as many of those older anime and manga as humanly possible.

And I’m in luck! It appears that publishers Beez Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics heard my plea before I had even decided to voice it, with Beez’s Anime Legends line running strong and set to expand, and Dark Horse’s releases of out of print manga series in new “omnibus” editions, it looks like my resolution is going to be a lot easier to satisfy than I’d thought. So here’s what’s on my list so far this year (so if anyone fancies purchasing them for me, it would be greatly appreciated! :P):

Cardcaptor Sakura – So the heavily edited 4kids “Cardcaptors” dub hooked me, and soon I found myself trawling Fanfiction.Net (and wrote some of my own substandard contributions, see if you can find me!) to get my fix of the series. But this opened my eyes to a whole new world of the series, I stumbled across subs of the unedited Japanese series, and heard wonderful stories of the mythical manga series. I didn’t see a copy of the manga until the summer before last. Browsing through the “bring & buy” stand at my first Ayacon, I stumbled across a battered and forlorn looking volume 1. My heart told me to buy it, but my mind told me no. I desperately scoured the table for further volumes, but sadly I was out of luck. I felt resigned that I would never read the manga… That is until September. Scouring through manga after manga, compiling our order list for MCM Expo, I stumbled across news of the Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus releases, and after saving up my pennies, I ran out and got myself a copy last week. So far I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’m keeping it safe by my bed so that I can be close to it every night…And no. I’m not crazy. Honest.

Dragonball and/or Z – Alongside Pokemon, Dragonball is largely credited for increasing the popularity of anime within the UK and US, however I am sad to admit…I’ve not seen a single episode…Or read any of the manga. I have lived in blissful ignorance, but I now feel it’s time to see what all the fuss was about. Though I may struggle to get hold of the anime, there’s no reason why I can’t give the manga a go!

Fist of the North Star – So I’ve mentioned this in a blog before, whilst popular in Japan, Fist of the North Star appears to have had its fair share of western critics, making it rather hard to come by. After it’s brief DVD release, there seems to be no sign of it making a return to the UK, so alas, I will have to settle with the game of the series!

Gundam – Gundam is generally a safe bet as far as anime is concerned. You know roughly what you’re going to get. Action, explosions, and “bishies”, as the otaku may say (Bishi comes from the Japanese word Bishonen, effectively meaning: pretty boy). Whatever the twist of the latest series, they generally follow a similar path, colonies, earth, war…You know the story; but that’s no reason to ignore them all! I am a casual Gundam watcher. That is to say that I occasionally watch the odd episode of one of the series and often enjoy it, but as the owner of the full original series of Gundam Seed, and BeeZ religiously releasing each new instalment of the franchise perhaps it’s time to sit down and catch up.

I feel that’s enough of a target for the start of the new year at least, so now that’s out the way, we can knuckle down to some upcoming releases to look out for!


Outlaw Star Complete Collection (Anime Legends). RRP £34.99, Released 24/01

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Vol.3. RRP £24.99, Released 21/02

Durarara!! Vol.3. RRP £24.99, Released 28/02

Lucky Star Complete Series (Anime Legends). RRP £39.99, Released 28/03

Summer Wars. RRP DVD £17.99, Blu-ray £19.99, Released 28/03

Sora No Woto (aka. Sounds of the Skies) further information TBC.

The Tatami Galaxy further information TBC.

K-On! further information TBC


Alice in the Country of Hearts vol. 5, Released 11/01 – An interesting twist on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”, the next instalment is nearly upon us!

Bakuman vol.3, Released 17/02 – Volume three of the series created by the artist and writer behind Death Note. It’s a series to watch out for this year!

Higurashi, When They Cry: Eye Opening Arc vol. 1, Released 22/02 – The 11th volume of the Higurashi series sees the beginning of the “Answer” arcs, in which some of the mysteries presented in the previous arcs are brought to a resolution. Pre-Order from our shop today! (Pre-Order price: £5.59 exc. P&P)

These follow the recent release of new volumes from other recommended titles: Detroit Metal City, Ouran High School Host Club and Vampire Knight!

2 Responses to “New Year Resolutions, Requests and Releases.”
  1. Claire says:

    Gundam Wing is obviously the best Gundam.

    Did you not watch the episodes of Dragonball Z in Portuguese that time we were on holiday?

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