Ninja Togs – Naruto T-Shirts Hit the High Street

MangaUK and UNIQLO have teamed up to promote a range of anime-inspired T-shirts due to hit stores later this year.

The range of 5 t-shirts features Naruto, everyone’s favourite teen ninja. The shirts are beautifully designed and range from sizes XXS to XL.

MangaUK and UNIQLO recognise that anime isn’t just for watching, it is a way of life. They’re doing their part to bring anime to the high street. As Japanese styles become a global culture, with Gothic-Lolita and Hello Kitty fashionistas at one end of the scale and Victorian Frills and Shoulder Pads at the other, the anime and manga style is something which is bringing anime itself into the foreground and making it more readily available to fans across the world.

Remember a while back, I commented that anime was becoming easier to get hold of? Manga Entertainment has been a large part of making that change happen. It celebrates two decades as the UK’s leading purveyor of anime and has produced, distributed and led the market with favourites such as Death Note, Akira and Bleach.

This Naruto range is a wonderful way to continue their push to make anime less of a niche and more widely available and affordable in the UK. What a wonderful way to celebrate! The range is due to be followed by fashions for other anime brands soon, including One Piece and Dragonball Z, so keep an eye out for further news updates.

The Naruto t-shirts are £12.99 each, and are available from or any UNIQLO store.

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