London Anime Con Scavenger Hunt! is pleased to announce the first ever London Anime Con Scavenger Hunt!

Teams of 2 will compete in this heart-pounding, blood-chilling, spine-tingling challenge! Like Katamari, but with photographs, you will embark on a scavenger hunt, testing your nerves and your skills as you try to take a series of pictures which we have listed below.
Links to the photo collections will then need to be emailed to (to prevent people stealing other teams’ photos!), by 8pm Tuesday 8th February. Links will be shared on the blog and a winner announced on Wednesday!

For the winning team – two Naruto T-shirts, from UNIQLO, in association with MangaUK. We have one L and one M sized t-shirt to give to the winners!
tshirt sizes

The winning team will be the team with the most pictures from our checklist. If more than one team has the same number of pictures, then the winner will be the team with the largest number of people in the group pictures (see checklist). If again there is more than one team, the winner will then be drawn at random from the teams with equal points.

We will have sheets to give out at our stall over the weekend, but I recommend printing one yourself if you can, as availability will be limited.

London Anime Con Scavenger Hunt Checklist .docx
London Anime Con Scavenger Hunt Checklist PDF

May the best Scavengers win!

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