How do you do?

A big hello to anyone who came and had a chat with us at London Anime Con, and an equally large hello to those who sadly couldn’t make it!

It’s been a long and hectic weekend, but we’ve finally made it back home, and are preparing to snuggle up into our nice cosy beds – as opposed to the bizarre box beds with plastic covers that our hotel pleasantly provided for us. It was great to speak to other manga/anime enthusiasts, and great to hear that a number of you were attending your first convention, we hope you have many interesting stories to share in our forums, or any feedback you have for us. (Feel free to e-mail me tom(at)

For those who didn’t know, we are also available on Facebook and Twitter .

We’ve got a lot coming up for you this week, including a convention run down, the results of our Scavenger Hunt, and if you’re well behaved, a review or two!

If you haven’t already, be sure to warm up your funny bones and get humerus (ho ho ho!), and check out our current caption contest!

But now the weekend has caught up with me, and it’s time to curl up with a shiny new manga and a box of pumpkin (Yes. Apparently it comes in pumpkin flavour!) pocky…

Good Night!


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