As the dust clears – London Anime Con II Rundown

And so, as the hangovers begin to fade and the sleep deprivation has eased a little, it’s time to look back on the wonderful chaos that was London Anime Con.

For the Manga Market team it was an early morning, and we piled stock and all into the cars and headed down to the Rocket Complex. It was a much smaller venue than anticipated, but this was a relief because it meant we could get the boxes up to the table without much trouble!

Manga Market's Wares
Recommendations and Deals
Tom looking gormless
Anime and Manga

On Saturday we were also joined by Dolly Dare, with all their beautiful goodies.
Dolly Dare's Stand
There’s Naz, looking lovely! Misa was hiding behind the dresses at that point, but emerged and proved a hit with many of the congoers, wearing one of their wonderful designs! Some people were disappointed that they weren’t back on the Sunday, but don’t despair! They have two shops in London which are open every day!

You can find them at:
107a Commercial Street,
E1 6BG

or at:
37 Marshall Street,

You can also find them on facebook!

Naz from Dolly Dare
More of Naz looking lovely, courtesy of zaincmt from the animeleague forums.

Roxie Sweetheart and Sweatdrop Studios
On Saturday we were also next to Sweatdrop Studios, with their beautiful manga collection; and Roxie Sweetheart, who make the cutest jewellery I’ve ever seen!

We met so many cool people over the weekend. Sadly, my camera was acting up a bit so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked because they kept going blurry. If you’ve got any pictures, do share them with us!

Adam was lovely enough to send me some photos though, including this one which shows off both my cosplay as our lovely mascot, and our new poster too!
As our Mascot on Saturday

On Sunday we were serenaded by the lovely and very talented Masa-kun, who brought auditory joy into everyone’s lives.

As one of a bare handful of Sailor Moon Cosplayers on Sunday (one of the others being Manga Market friend Frances!) we rocked out to his rendition of Moonlight Densetsu, which you can get a taster of HERE.

Busy room on Sunday
The room was pretty packed! The latest word from Anime League is that over 900 people were there at the weekend. It certainly was busy!

The British Origami Society turned up to show off a bit. No-one really minded, since it all looked so good!

Angel Sanctuary
The Winners of the Masquerade – fantastic costumes, from Angel Sanctuary.

For more pictures from the weekend, check out this thread on the animeleague forums. If you met us there, hello! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the weekend, and see your pictures!

Best part of the weekend? Best Buy? Tell us – we’re very nosy!

For more photos, check out our flickr!

UPDATE: By popular demand, the London Anime Con Scavenger Hunt deadline has been extended until Sunday! Upload any photos to an online album, make a note saying which ones are for the scavenger hunt and which category they match, and then email a link to your collection to Claire(at)!


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