Short And Sweet – One Fine Day v.1

Title: One Fine Day
Author: Sirial
Rating: 4/5
A manhwa, series of 3 volumes.

“At the end of the path of blue and red bricks…There it was, covered in ivy…The house with the green roof”. The house is home to novice magician, No-ah and his eccentric pets: Nanai, the fussy dog, Guru the mischievous, rain loving cat, and Rang the joyfully whimsical mouse.

One Fine Day follows the day to day life of No-ah and the pets, as they go about their daily tasks. It’s told mainly from the point of view of the animals, who view themselves as anthropomorphs, more like children then pets. The results of which is a collection of sweet tales that could warm even the coldest heart.

Each chapter of the story is referred to as a “day”, as artist, Sirial, introduces the characters in a variety of cute stories (such as the ‘Cookie Baking Day’, which is a personal favourite of mine!), before encompassing an unwanted visitor towards the end of the volume, in the form of an acquaintance from No-ah’s past, to shake things up a little.

With a hazy art style, leaving fading or empty backgrounds, coupled in with the wonderful world, Sirial crafts a beautiful, evocative dreamland for his characters to show off all their quirks.

Whilst not being a particularly plot heavy story, One Fine Day encourages you to let loose your imagination, filling in the blanks and fleshing out Sirial’s world on your own. It probably won’t hook you as easily as other series, but it is perfect easy reading, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, a series I am happy to have as part of my collection.

ADDITIONAL: Artist, Sirial is currently having another series serialised in american e-magazine “Yen Plus” under the title “Milkyway Hitchiking”.

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