Just about recovered: MCM Midlands Rundown

MCM Midlands was only a one-day con, but my goodness it was busy enough to wear us out for a couple of days!

All set up
Tom working hard
Finishing touches

We had two tables, and plenty of stock, which was a good thing as you MCM Midlanders were manga-hungry!

9:30am, and quiet

It started off pretty quiet…

Getting busier
Things get busy

That didn’t last long!

Steampunk Alice

A fantastic Steampunk Alice group were wandering around!

Duo Maxwell

Duo! And Kyo! It was brilliant to see a GW cosplayer – you don’t see many, and gosh darn it I love that show.

Well-armed Jedi
Street Fighter!
More Robots

Robot Wars robots!

We had a lot of brilliant cosplayers visting us at our stall too!


So THAT’S what the Red Ranger got up to after the series ended…

Misty and crew

Misty and the Eevee Girls. Sounds like a band name!

Happy zombies

So very very bloody, yet so very very happy.

More Hetalia!
Hetalia Cosplayers
Italy and Germany
Li and Sakura
Wild Missingno!
Mad Hatter
Little Layton

Little Layton! What a cutie!

Venus and Jupiter

I found a friend! There were only three of us Sailor Moon Cosplayers at Midlands – a bit of a poor showing! I’m hoping for better in May, chaps!


These two sisters came to visit us with their friends, and were super friendly!

For more photos, check out our flickr set. If you’ve seen yourself in the photos, do comment and let us know your names so we can credit you! And if you’ve got any photos you’d let to share, email them to us and we can post them too!

Don’t forget – the closing date for entries to our Scavenger Hunt is this Wednesday at 8pm! We’ve got two t-shirts up for grabs, so make sure to enter!

5 Responses to “Just about recovered: MCM Midlands Rundown”
  1. t0mnomnom says:

    THERE WAS SOMEONE COSPLAYING MISSING NO. ?!?!? Geeeeniiuuuuuuus. 😛

  2. phil horvath says:

    it was an awsome day, i was the red ranger 🙂

  3. Daniel Kurek says:

    I was on the verge of crying when it was time to go, it was utterly SPECTACULAR! I was the Jedi Knight who, in my own words, ‘robbed General Greivous’, since I had four lightsabres! It may have got me a bit of attention from Darth Vader and the stormtroopers, but I had no difficulty getting back inside, ‘they didn’t need to see my identification’.

    Where is the next one? I’m going to pool my cash and make a special effort to go.


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