March Manga – New Releases from YenPress this month!

YenPress have got a positive score of new releases due out this month!

K-On! Volume 2
Nearly a year since Pop-Music Club started, but there’s no time for reflection! The girls are looking to recruit new members! They certainly impress first-year Asuza when they perform at the opening ceremony. A budding guitar player herself, she of course wants to sign up! But she didn’t expect there to be so much tea drinking in the pop-music club. Or cosplaying…When do they get around to making music?!

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 8
Something very, very strange is going on…because nothing strange is going on…Overnight, the SOS Brigade, the existence of supernatural beings, and Haruhi Suzumiya’s obsession with finding them (not to mention Haruhi herself!) have disappeared. Has the goddess lost her touch? And why is Kyon, who so often longed for a normal life, so upset to find all of it suddenly gone?

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Nabari No Ou Volume 6
Now that Miharu has joined the Grey Wolves, he’s already been given his first mission. The Koga have asked for Grey Wolf students to join them in a meaningful discussion about the future of the Nabari Hidden World. The Grey Wolves see it as an opportunity to try to get the Koga’s forbidden art scroll, Daya. On arrival they find out that the Koga shinobi are in conflict. The student council and the headmaster have learned that two students have died and they don’t believe the teachers who say the deaths were accidents. They also learn that the Banten shinobi have been invited. When Thobari and Kouichi learn that Miharu has joined the Grey Wolves, they decide to ask him why and, if he’s really turned against them, they are determined not to forgive him. Before they can talk any more, the guestsi are all attacked by Koga ninja…

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Time and Again Volume 5
When the person you promised to love forever dies, what would you do? When your life ends when your beloved has departed this world, what can take its place? With a glimpse of Beak-On’s past revealed, the cycle of hatred and love continues.

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Black God Volume 12
In spite of weeks of training with Keita, Kuro crumbles at the reappearance of the mototsumitama Aragi. But just as Kuro is prepared to submit to death, someone calls out to her from deep within her…In the midst of her terror, Kuro feels the presence of Keita’s grandfather and Kakuma, who died protecting their home in Okinawa, as well as her mother, who saved Kuro in her final hour. Their actions helped fortify Kuro in the past, but will their words give her the strength she needs to draw upon the full extent of her power and defeat her most feared enemy?

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Bamboo Blade volume 8
Kojiro and his senpai have made another bet, but this time there’s more than sushi up for grabs. In addition to having their girls’ kendo teams duke it out, Kojiro and Ishibashi will face of for the first time since high school. Now that his pride as a kendo instructor is on the line, Kojiro and the team are stepping up the training by seeking out expert advice. But does slacker Kojiro still have what it takes to endure the grueling practices, much less win the fight?

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Bunny Drop Volume 3
As an impromptu dad to Rin, his late grandfather’s illegitimate child, Daikichi Kawachi has experienced his share of firsts while caring for his little aunt (?). Now it’s Daikichi’s turn to battle the initial wave of separation anxiety as Rin leaves the nest…for her first day of elementary school! Rin’s elementary school isn’t the only place with new faces, either. Daikichi’s office is also inundated with first-timers, some of whom have their eyes on their gangly new coworker! And while father and daughter are experiencing (coping with?) all these firsts left and right, the first anniversary of Gramps’s death also sneaks up on the pair… as does the first anniversary of their paths crossing…

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