Manga Artists and Fans Offer Earthquake Support.

In the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on Friday, Anime News Network have been compiling a comprehensive list of members of the anime, manga and games industry that have reported their safety over Twitter and other social networking websites.

An experimental "positron cannon", run off Tokyo's electric grid is used in Evangelion to defeat an enemy, in an operation codenamed "Yashima".

Many of the Japanese public have banded together to help the relief effort, including the conservation of electricity whilst a number of nuclear plants across Japan had shut down. The Tokyo Electric Power Company called upon people to save energy as it expected a power shortfall of around 1 million kilowatts on Saturday evening. An unofficial campaign, inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion launched to encourage participation. The campaign named itself “Operation Yashima” is inspired by an operation in the pioneering mecha series, in which energy is drained from the electric grid of Tokyo in order to power an experimental sniper rifle.

Elsewhere, artists such as Noizi Ito, illustrator for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, and a number of other famous artists (including national treasure Naoki Urasawa) have offered their support through art and messages.

The image by illustrator Noizi Ito depicts Haruhi praying for Japan

Understandably the industry has been seriously affected, and delays can be expected on simulcasts for the coming week. As the rescue operations, and the risk of a nuclear threat continue, charities continue to raise money to help the relief effort. Amongst other organisations, donations can be made through the
Red Cross and Save the Children. Anime streaming website Crunchyroll have pledged to match fan’s relief donations up to $5000.


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