National Pride – Hetalia Seasons 1 + 2 Review

Title: Hetalia (seasons 1 + 2) Rating: Season 1 (Episodes 1 to 26) – 15 Season 2 (Esipodes 27 – 52) – 12 Special Features: Season 1 – Episode 2 Commentary (Italy & Germany) “The Flower Apron,” Episode 9 Commentary (U.S.A. & Russia) “The Cold War,” Episode 12 Commentary (France & U.K.) “Nice Dover,” Episode … Continue reading

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Caption Contest #15

One of my favourites from Kitacon! Show me what you can do with it!

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First Drawings for Soulless Manga released!

The first drawings for the Parasol Protectorate manga have been revealed by the author, Gail Carriger. The pictures are of Evelyn and Felicity Lootwill, half-sisters of the main character, Alexia. “The unfortunate by product of Mrs. Loontwill’s second marriage, both Felicity and Evylin were markedly different from their older half-sister. No one upon meeting the … Continue reading

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New Manga Releases… and more to come!

April has been chockablock with exciting releases, but there’s plenty more to follow over the next few months, so here’s a quick overview of what to look out for this April and May! …Read More.

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“Whatever you do, don’t go outside.” – Biomega Vol. 1 review.

Zouichi on his motorbike.

Whilst everyone else is writing about Vampires, Werewolves and the supernatural, we can forgive Tsutomu Nihei for being a little behind the times. Biomega began serialization in 2004, towards the latter stages of the zombie revolution, it wasn’t completed until 2009, and took a further year to reach the UK audience, and whilst sharing some parallels with the Resident Evil franchise, Nihei’s cyberpunk nightmare vision of the future retains its uniqueness in the manga industry.

As you browse through shelves in book stores, or stands at conventions, I’d wager a large number of people have fumbled upon Biomega’s striking monochrome cover out of curiosity, perhaps even marvelled over its dark and alluring cover art, and maybe even had a quick flick through before taking in the blurb. With me, however, it was the blurb that lost me.

I find it difficult to be inspired by a zombie apocalypse and the notion that it was caused by the “NS5 Virus” left me far from enthralled. I returned the book to its shelf for the next inquisitive browser to thumb through. However, having finally happened upon my own copy of Biomega, I was surprised to find the manga far more engaging than I had previously expected…

Read More…

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Caption Contest #14

It’s nearly Easter! So have a sort of Eastery-themed caption contest!

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The End?

Over the last weekend, I finally finished my epic rewatch of Gundam Wing, including Endless Waltz, one of my many spoils from Kitacon (the Beez Anime Legends boxsets, which are beautiful by the way). You might have noticed the slight Gundam theme recently with posts, I guess it’s drawn me back into something I thought … Continue reading

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Pokemon4Japan – And Happy Birthday to Alice.

After 4 days of Pokemon playing and fundraising, we get some answers from 4 of the organisers (Alice, Kelly, Josh and Ben) of the Pokemon4Japan charity Pokemon marathon, who have so far raised £3,284.28, that’s £3787.64 including Gift Aid, for the British Red Cross’ Tsunami Relief Fund.

(Pokemon4Japan can be found at , as @Pokemon4Japan on Twitter and as Pokemon4Japan on Facebook)

It’s 11.57am when I start writing this blog. I’ve had 3 hours sleep. My breakfast consists of Wotsits and Lucozade, and the Pokemon battle music is slowly burning itself into my subconscious mind. I’ve even been dreaming of Pokemon.


It all started at around 8pm on Tuesday. I’d seen the advertisements, and decided to stumble into the “Pokemon4Life” chat room…I was welcomed with a Pokemon Red team that rivalled the Mystery Men in terms of bizareness, a Moltres caught with a Magikarp, and a cult worshipping an ice-punching Clefable named “Hammy”…Read More.

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Kitacon Photo Scavenger Hunt Winners

I am pleased to annouce that the winners of the Kitacon III Photo Scavenger hunt were… Team AceFace! You can see the photos from 0o0managamad0o0 and J-Po here. You also have a small prize each, donated by some of the other dealers at Kitacon. If you could contact me with your addresses I can post … Continue reading

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Caption Contest #13

Lucky 13 today chaps! And we’re starting to wheel out the photos from Kitacon!

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