Bristol Expo photos!

On the top floor of the Mercure Hotel, down a long, narrow corridor, is hidden the a most wondrous room, a magical room, the best kept secret of Bristol Expo: Hall 6!



We were not alone in Hall 6, and shared space with The Splott Division team, a web series following the lives of three superheroes fighting crime in the Splott area of Cardiff after they get made redundant and Moving Pictures, a retailer of film and TV toys and collectables.



This was the first event for Joe, who was kindly volunteered into helping us, and our man behind the scenes John. As a programmer by trade, John was thrown into the deep end, the stress even made his normally luscious locks a shade of grey!




The time struck 10am, and gradually people found there way over from the Ramada to our secluded oasis of joy, and we snapped our first few cosplayers! Including: Haruhi, Sonic and some Vocaloids!


This one isn’t a cosplay, but we admired the colourful attire!



Although seemingly well hidden, Hall 6 was not all frolics and laughter, as we were exposed to numerous threats (the screams could be heard up the corridor), from Bowser, Aliens, and worst of all…DARTH VADER!!


Okay, so maybe this wasn’t quite as intimidating as I made out. A costume inspired by the recent Volkswagen advert.

Throughout the day we came across more cosplayers!


We managed to photograph this group on several occasions!


We also found a Lily Potter!


An Oz, complete with appropriate manga!



And some Soul Eater cosplayers!

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Bristol Expo, and those who kindly let us photograph you! We have some more pictures on display on our Flickr account, which you can find here.


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