Not so Grim up North – Nemacon 2011

Last weekend, Manga Market headed up to Middlesbrough for our first ever Nemacon. In the picturesque Middlesbrough town hall, Nemacon was great fun and super busy for us, so sadly we didn’t get many pictures. However, we got a few, and here they all are!

It took us a long time to get up there, and energy reserves were scarce as we set up on Saturday morning…

Didn’t take long for things to pick up though!

Dr Who
“My sonic screwdriver is reading unusually high levels of Really Freaking Awesome…”

Nemacon was also the first convention outside of London where we were selling gorgeous dresses from Dolly Dare. We modelled one of them in the Lolita Fashion Show and they went down a treat!


If you missed your chance to buy one this weekend, don’t fret! They will be with us for MCM Manchester at the end of July!

One of the other Lolita Fashion Show participants, modelling an awesome Pirate Lolita look.

Some of the pictures taken at the Lolita Fashion Show were featured in The Independent, the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette and MSNBC’s Photo Blog. You can see more of the gorgeous photos taken on the day on GettyImages.

The cutest Gopher in the world? Darn tootin’!


We had a wonderful time – thank you to all the Gophers and organisers for their help this weekend, and thank you to Middlesbrough for making us feel so welcome! It was wonderful to meet you – if you see yourself in any of the pictures, or even if you met us at the weekend and want to say ‘hi’, please do so!

And now it’s time to restock for Manchester!

2 Responses to “Not so Grim up North – Nemacon 2011”
  1. All the Trinity Blood I bought from you came in handy on the long train ride home šŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing with me some other titles for me to look into!

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