Caption Contest #21

Why yes, it’s Wednesday again! And time for our Caption Contest!

The rules are simple – caption this picture. The aim is to be as funny, witty, clever or downright silly as possible. It doesn’t have to relate to the series it’s from, or even anime and manga at all! We’re looking for things to make us laugh, not series knowledge.
The prize is knowledge of a job well done.

Caption Contest - Naavi from Avatar

2 Responses to “Caption Contest #21”
  1. Dan says:

    “Your prices are too high! Now give me Na’vi discount or this arrow goes into a place the sun doesn’t shine!”

    Incidentally, the other person in that pic is me hunting for stuff my Marvel loving friend would have liked

  2. Claire says:

    The bargain hunters at MCM were getting more aggressive each year.

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