An Anime Event With a Twist!

An anime film event in London this December has been announced, however it is offering an added treat for those early birds!

Anifest, affiliated with Anime League and Toymation, will be run on 11th December in a London cinema, where it will screen 3 filmsthat aim to incorporate “how Asian, Korean and Japanese film has finally landed in the U.K.” including: one anime film, one live action film, and one film premiere.

And if that’s not enough for you, there will also be a dealer’s room in the cinema, giving you the chance to buy food, and merchandise!

To celebrate their launch, Anifest are running a special event to ticket buyers through their Twitter page. The aptly named: “Secret Ani Fest Cinema” will take place in a London Cinema on the 14th August with more information to be released through Twitter posts.

Tickets for the mystery screening are currently priced at £10, with VIP tickets available at £15, entitling you to better seats and participation in special prize draws.

More information (and ticket purchases) can be found through Anifest (not suitable for users of Google Chrome) and Toymation.

Press release from the Anifest website:

“We are launching Anifest (11 December 2011) with a bang! ‘Secret Anifest Cinema’ is a small taster of what is going to happen at Anifest later this year.

A small amount of Otaku and Asian film peeps will be treated to a film at a secret event (only known to you a week before the date). It will take place on the 14th August 2011 and will a treat to all fans!!

The secrecy starts today… We asking all fans to join @UKanifest on twitter to find out when tickets will be available to buy and when more info on the event will take place!!
As this will be a small event tickets are limited and they will be VIP tickets on sales also. So ‘come join us’ via twitter (@UKanifest) and also on our website (

The Date: 14th August 2011

The Time: Follow us on on twitter (@UKanifest)

The Place: Look for the clue!! ^_*

The Dress Code: Follow us on twitter (UKanifest)

The Film: Follow us on twitter (UKanifest)

Tobitaka @_@

The Anifest Mascot”

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