Gong Anime Network Announce Free UK Anime Streaming

Anime network Gong have announced that they will be making their channel available on Blinkbox, a UK based digital film service, owned by british supermarket, Tesco. The service allows users to download and stream shows from the website on their PC, MAC, internet connected TVs and PS3s. Gong, who already have an online service available to users in the US and mainland Europe are allowing a selection of their shows to be streamed on Blinkbox, including: “Babel II – Beyond Infinity”, “Demon Lord Dante”, and “Izumo: Dazzling Battles of Raging Swords!”.

The range of shows includes a mixture of English dubs, and Japanese with English subtitles, and is expected to be expanded upon in the coming weeks.

The announcement of the move provides further competition in the UK anime streaming market, with Crunchyroll already providing free streaming in the UK for a number of shows, and Anime On Demand offering a subscription based service that has a direct involvement with the UK anime industry.

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