Assistant Abroad Part 1: Off to Osaka

osaka kansai gadai university Manga Market Assistant Abroad

With just one day to go until I depart, this is a bit of a last-minute introduction, but here goes! My name’s Hannah and I’m a student of Japanese and Russian at university. On the 29th of August, I leave for Japan, where I’ll be living until early January. During my time there, I’ll be keeping a blog for Manga Market about my experiences! …(Read More)

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Ouran High School Host Club to get Live Action Film

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Cast

It was announced today that the cast of the Ouran High School Host Club live action TV series will be reprising their roles in a film of the series. The TV show began airing on TBS in Japan at the end of July 2011, and stars Yusuke Yamamoto as Tamaki Suou and Haruna Kawaguchi as … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why You should come to Dollycon

DollyCon Flyer

It seems like the time has flown, but Dollycon is finally upon us! This Friday evening, we’ll be rocking out in Dolly Dare’s store in Spitalfields. Here’s 7 reasons why you should be there too. 1) It’s free! That’s right, you read correctly. Dollycon is totally free. This means you’ve got all that extra money … Continue reading

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Ayacon Convention Preview

Unicorn Table at Ayacon 2011

With Ayacon 2011 now a mere 4 days away, it’s more than time for our traditional peek into what treats are in store for the intrepid con-goer this very weekend! Music If live music is your bag, Ayacon will not disappoint. Friday evening kicks off the festivities in a refined manner with an anime-themed piano … Continue reading

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Plenty of Heart – Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Manga Review.

Tegami Bachi Manga Review

Tegami Bachi seperates itself from more mainstream Shonen Jump titles instantly, its softly toned blue-white colour scheme a refreshingly calming alternative to the boldly coloured Naruto or Bleach, it is a mood that is eminated throughout the first two volumes of the manga, a mood somewhat unusual amongst most Shonen titles on the market. As Bakuman is keen to point out, the most popular Jump series are traditionally battle manga, so it is perhaps not surprising that a series like Tegami Bachi never featured in the main Shonen Jump lineup.

Tegami Bacchi (literally: “Letter Bee”) follows the day to day adventures of a “Letter Bee”, a government employee charged with delivering mail across the perpetual darkness of Amberground. Yes, essentially a postman. However, the job is not as easy as you may think, for amongst the wild darkness of the outer areas of Amberground lurk tremendous beasts that have a nasty habit of getting in the way. The giant insectoid “Gaichuu” are fierce creatures covered in armour stronger than swords, and ability to sense a person’s “heart”. Not only that, but the only way to kill a Gaichuu is to use a specially modified weapon to fire a fragment of your heart into one of its weak points, a concept strangely reminiscent of the Care Bare Stare, however, the results are gladly more spectacular……(Read More…)

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Beez Stock Burns in Sony Warehouse.

This morning Beez Entertainment, the european branch of Namco Bandai confirmed via Twitter that it has lost its UK stock that was housed in Sony’s London Warehouse that was burnt to the ground during rioting in Enfield, North London. The warehouse was a distribution centre for a number of other UK businesses, and an independent record label.

Beez tweeted:

“We’d like to apologize to fans just now – there will be a slowdown in stock dispatch due to our warehouse burning down in the riots. The important thing is that at least from reports no workers were hurt. We’re working as quickly as possible to find solutions but it will take a little bit of time to fix, thanks for your patience on this.” …(Read More…)

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Sekirei Series 1 Review: or “you could put an eye out with that!”

When Sekirei turned up in the pile of review disks, I took one look at the press release for it and called dibs.

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Not the Ghibli We Know – Arriety Review.

A year on from its Japanese release, and we are finally being gifted a chance to view Arriety (or Kari-gurashi no Arietti, if you like) on the big screen. 12 months is a long time, and my initial excitement ebbed and wayned torturously until the fateful day in which I could see the much anticipated “new Ghibli film”, that was guaranteed to draw anime fans of all varieties and see them herald it as a fantastic movie, like all their formers. I took my seat in the half-filled independent cinemas screen and braced myself, with now middling expectations, to be overawed or disappointed… (Read More…)

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Caption Contest #24

Johnny Cash brings Wednesday this week! And I bring a Caption Contest! The rules are simple – caption this picture. The aim is to be as funny, witty, clever or downright silly as possible. It doesn’t have to relate to the series it’s from, or even anime and manga at all! We’re looking for things … Continue reading

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Manchester Steps Up to the Mark for its First MCM Expo.

And so life returns to its reagular schedule after a hectic MCM Expo in Manchester this weeken. The show was the first of its king in Manchester, and organizers clearly underestimated the interest, as shortly after opening queues trailed out of the venue and for nearly 200m around the corner! Thankfully MCM had extra security enforcers to prevent anarchy ensuing:

…(Read More…)

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