7 Reasons Why You should come to Dollycon

DollyCon Flyer

It seems like the time has flown, but Dollycon is finally upon us! This Friday evening, we’ll be rocking out in Dolly Dare’s store in Spitalfields. Here’s 7 reasons why you should be there too.

DollyCon Flyer

1) It’s free!
That’s right, you read correctly. Dollycon is totally free. This means you’ve got all that extra money to spend on some of the gorgeous treats we’ve got in store for you, including a new range of prints from DestinyBlue, some super chic jewellery from Roxie Sweetheart and a selection of cute Manga and Anime.

2) It’s only for an evening!
So it’ll mean that you can get your bank holiday off to a kick start and still have three days off to enjoy yourself and make the most of the long weekend with your treasures.

3) It’s in Dolly Dare’s store!
Which means you’ll be treated like a princess, surrounded by gorgeous designer shoes and dresses and accessories. Not to mention music, sweeties and drinks! It’s like a Sex and the City moment, but cooler, because it’s just for you.

Dolly Dare's Dollycon

4) You can get some super cute pictures!
You’ll feel like a model and a movie star all in one, ‘cause Cosplay Portrait will be there doing photo shoots during the evening. And if that’s not enough, DestinyBlue will be drawing her hugely popular chibi-portraits too!

5) It’s independent!
Every dealer at Dollycon is an independent British dealer, who has a love for fashion, anime and art. By coming to Dollycon, you are helping the economy! Really, it’s your duty as a human being to attend, and help keep the value of the pound up.

6) It’s a good excuse to get out of the house!
There’s nothing good on telly on a Friday night anyway, especially not on a bank holiday weekend. So you could stay in and watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ on your own, or you could be out, with us. Being Awesome.

7) All the cool kids are going!
We here at Dollycon do not believe in peer pressure. But it’s true. Not coming to Dollycon will seriously harm your street cred, because everybody who’s anybody will be there. Even that really cool person you know.

Dollycon on Friday 26th August


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