Ouran High School Host Club to get Live Action Film

It was announced today that the cast of the Ouran High School Host Club live action TV series will be reprising their roles in a film of the series. The TV show began airing on TBS in Japan at the end of July 2011, and stars Yusuke Yamamoto as Tamaki Suou and Haruna Kawaguchi as Haruhi Fujioka.

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Cast

Ouran High School Host Club has been one of the most popular shojo manga of recent years, with a 26-episode anime also released. The manga runs to 18 volumes, with the last volume released in Japan last September. It follows the story of Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at a prestigious private school, who falls in with some of the richest and most attractive boys there when they mistake her for a boy and make her join their Host Club to repay her debt to them. The series has a very large cast of characters, but each is delicately and beautifully developed as the series progresses and further details of their lives and personalities are revealed, both to the audience and the characters themselves.

Ouran Live Action TV Series

Haruhi in part works as a catalyst to these changes, as a new point of view and a stable focal point in the lives of the young men who have had very strange upbringings.

The live action film is due to be released next March and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It will be eagerly anticipated by both fans of the anime and manga, and fans of the live action television series itself. It may particularly raise hopes in fans of the anime for a second season, which people have been asking about since the first season’s release three years ago. There are even several petitions on the web for a second season, perhaps partly due to the fact that the anime was released before the manga was completed, leaving several questions unanswered.

Whatever the future of the Ouran Series, it is certain that there is still a long way to go before we hear the last of the Ouran Academy and its infamous Host Club.

Ouran High School Host Club

4 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club to get Live Action Film”
  1. Serena says:

    ……um…..I think I’ll just stick with the manga and anime…..-_-“

    • Claire says:

      Yes, I have to say I don’t think they’re quite as sparkly as they are in the animation, but I suppose that is one of the issues that comes with adaptations…

  2. Heather says:

    You are all wrong where the cartoon was fantastic.. the Live Action is Hilarious.. and SO fun… I just watched the first two episodes and I LOVED It I want more.. I am actually desperately looking for the rest of it.. 😦 I really want to see it.

    ❤ Fan from the US

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