Manchester to host Doki Doki Festival in November!

doki doki festival manchester manga market

On Sunday 13 November 2011, Manchester is hosting Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival, a unique event that will celebrate both traditional and modern Japanese culture. Throughout the day, there will be talks, demonstrations, parades and other events showcasing manga, anime, fashion, martial arts, film, music and other aspects of Japanese culture, past and present, as well as retail stalls, artist stands and a games area. Hot and cold Japanese food from a number of local retailers will also be available to festival-goers both inside the venue and restaurants nearby…Read More.

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One Hell of a Butler – Black Butler Part 1 Review

Black Butler Anime Review Manga Market

Black Butler comes to the UK with a large weight of expectation on its shoulders. The manga has proved itself a cult success to the UK market, and the anime’s creators A-1 Pictures have seen success in other titles: Birdy the Mighty (aka Tetsuwan Birdy), Sound of the Skies (aka Sora No Woto), and the hugely popular Fairy Tale, Blue Exorcist and Fractale. With a pedigree like that, it would perhaps be expected for Black Butler to further that success, however sadly it appears the series falls into some of the same traps as Birdy the Mighty: DecodeRead More.

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Assistant Abroad part 3: Of mobile phones and mosquitoes

This post is brought to you by the BOSS! Suntory Boss is the boss of them all since 1992 (and probably using brand names of slightly dubious racial implications since then too!) This post is probably going to be an amalgamation of more observations and some opinions, along with a bit of news on what … Continue reading

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Ayacon 2011 Photos!

I apologise that these have been so long coming, technology was not cooperating in the Manga Market blogosphere. Anyway, this was Manga Market’s first Ayacon, and we had a thoroughly lovely time! Some familiar faces were back, and some new ones came to visit us! The weekend started off with a Hungary! My favourite Hetalia … Continue reading

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Assistant Abroad Part 2: Meet the BOSS and Culture Shock!

After two days of travelling that culminated in horrendous jet lag and then three days in Japan, I’ve already experienced enough to dredge up a blog post about what I’ve seen!

Things I am struggling to come to terms with

  • The heat

Even being in the shade provides barely any respite from the stifling heat in Osaka that just smothers everyone! Some smart people use umbrellas as parasols, some wear shorts. In my infinite wisdom, I brought a few pairs of skinny jeans… Also, indoors it is just as hot as outside unless you have access to air con…(Read More)

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