We’re Manga Market, a recently founded, UK based retailer of anime and manga. We can be found at www.manga-market.co.uk/. At present we retail mainly at conventions throughout the UK, selling a selection of manga and anime, and we are also affiliated with Dolly Dare, a London-based store which designs and makes a beautiful range of high quality clothes.

On our blog you will find a selection of manga and anime reviews, news, convention updates and rundowns, and a selection of columns and opinion articles. We also share pictures we take at conventions of events and of cosplayers who come and visit us at our stalls, so check our flickr feed to see if you are there! You can also follow us on Twitter, which we update regularly during cons with sightings and locations!

Two of the people you can expect to see around the place most often are Claire and Tom.

Claire and Tom - Manga Market's Crap, er, Crack Team

Claire is situated in the tropical climes of Leicester, and can often be seen lurking in the various discount shops in the city centre, pretending not to be mad. During the day she is a mild-mannered HR temp on the University of Leicester campus, a recently graduated English student and a borderline alcoholic were she not too lazy to go out most of the time. Her manga and anime tastes range wildly depending on her mood at the time, but there is a significant leaning towards magical girls and sparkly things. Occasionally she will dabble in mecha and sci-fi anime, and is open to having her horizons expanded. She has a Busy Lizzie, a Flaming Katie and a lot of spider plants. She enjoys short walks on the beach, expensive fruity cocktails and books of dubious literary value.

Tom is an unfortunate resident of Manchester, but feels he cannot be blamed for that. He is a student of Mathematics at the University of Manchester, doing special modules in ‘Sleeping Through Lectures’ and ‘Oh Crap, Is That The Time?’ in which he is excelling. He has spent the last two years of University attempting to become completely nocturnal, but as he has discovered that he needs to earn money to buy beer, this has been put on hold. He likes his anime and manga with a side order of humour, hold the WTF. He runs a home for games consoles, and enjoys beer, beer and beer.

We are due an entire website redesign in the near future, so keep checking the blog, twitter or facebook for updates!

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Pardina says:

    Hey, I ran into someone whose name I have forgotten at the University of Leicester Fresher’s Fair, and she told me to check out the website, and to offer my assistance at reviewing mangas and anime, which I’d love to do (any excuse, ne?). Where do I sign up?

    • t0mnomnom says:

      Hello, that would be Claire. It would probably be easiest to contact her at: claire(at)manga-market.com! 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    I met two gentlemen at the Expo and asked about if you took second hand books?
    If someone could give me an email so I can pass on some details that would be great!

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