Tom Ormsby

Profile: The mind is without a doubt the most powerful tool in the human arsenal. And my presence on Wordpress comes with the purpose of exploring its strength and versatility. I am a young, excitable, cynical optimist, with a curiosity of the world and a penchant for over thinking even the mundane little things in life. My main blog on Wordpress is a collection of articles, reviews and creativity that I have mashed together in one place as an experiment to see how versatile and productive my mind can be. I am interested in film, anime/manga, self-development, opinion and politics, and am open to writing articles for others. If you'd like me to submit a piece to your blog/zine/anything else, drop me a line through my blog. :) I will leave you all with a little quote that has helped to drive me in the recent months, since I found it printed on the side of Mike Tyson's brand of energy drink "Black Energy": "If we work hard, and persevere, there is nothing that we cannot achieve."

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