Win Puella Magi Madoka Magica on Blu-Ray

Check out the smash hit series that fans are calling, “The Evangelion of Magical Girl anime” on this complete season collection. 3 discs, 12 magical episodes, uncut and waiting to blow your mind! Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Complete Series (Manga Entertainment) comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 29th October. What does it really mean … Continue reading

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New Sailor Moon Anime Confirmed for 2013!

A new anime for Sailor Moon will debut worldwide in Summer 2013, it was announced at the NicoNico Sailor Moon event by Kodansha Comics and series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Not many details are known as yet, however it has been confirmed that the new opening theme will be performed by Momorio Clover Z, the popular … Continue reading

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Baka and Test Review – Testing, Testing

Baka and Test DVD Cover

Title: Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Rating: 12 Sometimes at Manga-Market HQ, we occasionally misplace the press releases for the test disks we are sent. Usually, it’s not too much of a problem – it’s easy enough to look at the digital version! But, occasionally, it’s more fun not to. It’s a bit like … Continue reading

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Hetalia – Paint it White! Review: White is Right

Hetalia: Paint it White! America

Title: Hetalia – Paint it, White! (Hetalia the Movie) Rating: 12 So, I was curious how they would make a short-length skit-show into a full length film. And sadly it appears to be with a fairly flimsy plot strung together around sketches shamelessly poached from the series. Now don’t get me wrong, initially I really … Continue reading

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Firing Up The Furnace – Fairy Tail Part 1 Review

After a series of heavily fan-service filled titles dominated the winter releases, it’s refreshing to see the release of another traditional shonen series in the UK, especially one that comes as highly acclaimed as Fairy Tail, winner of Animax Asia’s “Anime of the Year” in 2010. But does Fairy Tail live up to the hype? Or will it be disappearing into obscurity?

In the peaceful land of Fiore, magic is commonplace. Commonly used as a tool, wizards can join a guild – an organisation through which jobs are offered up to wizards with a reward available to the one who completes the job. Fairy Tail is one of the most famous of these guilds, widely renowned for its powerful wizards and lack of restraint, Fairy Tail grabs plenty of negative attention to accompany its positives…(Read More)

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Fruits Basket Complete Collection – This Sweet Lovin’ Life

Title: Fruits Basket Rating: PG Anyone who has exchanged more than half a dozen words with me a convention can’t fail to be aware the I think Fruits Basket is da bomb. There may be a certain nostalgia element to that – it was the first manga I bought, and it was a constant presence … Continue reading

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Tekken: Blood Vegeance – It’s all about kicking people in the face

Xiaoyu and Alisa

Title: Tekken: Blood Vengeance Rating: 12 So, the main point of Tekken it always seemed to me, was that you mashed a lot of buttons and in doing so, kicked other people in the face a lot (hopefully). There may have been a wider and more in-depth plot, but this has evidently escaped me as … Continue reading

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Samurai Girls – Not Much to Take Off

Samurai Girls from MangaUK

Title: Samurai Girls Rating: 15 Extras: 4 Case Manga omake mini-stories, 2 short bonus OVAs on each disk, French and English Dub versions and original language sub version. I had hoped with Samurai Girls to get a chance to play another drinking game. With the tagline “Experts in Striptease Fighting”, I was hoping for it … Continue reading

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Welcome to the NHK – An Awkward Meeting

Welcome to the NHK Anime

Title: Welcome to the NHK Rating: 15 Welcome to the NHK is an unusual series. Adapted from a manga that was adapted from a novel, it deals with the life of a hikikomori named Sato Tatsuhiro, and his road to recovery. It deals with the first relationships he forms with real people since dropping out … Continue reading

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K-On! – It’s On!

K-On! Band

While in Japan, I didn’t really watch much anime outside of the odd episode of a short children’s show about ninja and a long-running show based on a popular newspaper cartoon. So, when I found out that I had a DVD to watch and review, I was glad to be watching something that was more to my taste. When I found out that it was K-On!!, I was even more pleased! I went to a fair few arcades in my time in Japan, and wandering around the impossible-to-win claw machines, you couldn’t get more than several steps past a machine before you stumbled upon K-On!! merchandise- figurines of the main characters, posters, large pillows with the characters on. This, combined with my very basic knowledge that it was about a band, piqued my interest. So I sat down to watch the first few episodes with high hopes…(Read More

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