Baka and Test Review – Testing, Testing

Baka and Test DVD Cover

Title: Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Rating: 12 Sometimes at Manga-Market HQ, we occasionally misplace the press releases for the test disks we are sent. Usually, it’s not too much of a problem – it’s easy enough to look at the digital version! But, occasionally, it’s more fun not to. It’s a bit like … Continue reading

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Hetalia – Paint it White! Review: White is Right

Hetalia: Paint it White! America

Title: Hetalia – Paint it, White! (Hetalia the Movie) Rating: 12 So, I was curious how they would make a short-length skit-show into a full length film. And sadly it appears to be with a fairly flimsy plot strung together around sketches shamelessly poached from the series. Now don’t get me wrong, initially I really … Continue reading

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Fruits Basket Complete Collection – This Sweet Lovin’ Life

Title: Fruits Basket Rating: PG Anyone who has exchanged more than half a dozen words with me a convention can’t fail to be aware the I think Fruits Basket is da bomb. There may be a certain nostalgia element to that – it was the first manga I bought, and it was a constant presence … Continue reading

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The Boys are Back – Akira Review

Title: Akira Rating: 15 Special Features: (Please note, this review was done based on the BluRay edition) Last week, I saw a beautiful thing. Akira. On Bluray. I praised the circumstances which had lead me to now own a high definition tv, and a PS3 so that I could watch it in its full glory, … Continue reading

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Dead Cool – Shikabane: Corpse Princess Part 1 Review

Title: Shikabane: Corpse Princess Rating: 12 Special Features: Japanese Language and Subtitles, english dub, textless opening and closing, commentary on Episode 12 with American director and VAs for Ouri and Makina. Warning This review may contain spoilers. Shikabane: Corpse Princess is one of those rare anime I went into without knowing anything at all. The … Continue reading

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