Win Fullmetal Alchemist Movie 2: The Sacred Star of Milos on Blu-Ray!

Hot on the heels of our last contest, here’s another great prize up for grabs! Alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric return in a second movie-length addition to the massively popular Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. Spectacular battles and plot twists abound as the siblings are plunged into a high octane steampunk adventure, complete with runaway trains, … Continue reading

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Win Blue Exorcist Part 1 on DVD!

A lot of teens are embarrassed by their parents, but Rin Okumura has more right than most – his father turns out to be Satan himself! Combining sizzling action scenes, quirky comedy and luscious art design, Blue Exorcist follows Rin on his quest to become the strongest exorcist at the True Cross Academy so that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Dragonball Z Show! Competition

To celebrate 2nd July UK DVD release of Dragon Ball Z-Complete Season One (Manga Entertainment) and 2nd July UK DVD and Blu-Ray release of Welcome to the Space Show (Manga Entertainment) we are offering one lucky person the chance to win a copy of Dragon Ball Z- Complete Season One on DVD and Welcome to … Continue reading

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Baka and Test Review – Testing, Testing

Baka and Test DVD Cover

Title: Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Rating: 12 Sometimes at Manga-Market HQ, we occasionally misplace the press releases for the test disks we are sent. Usually, it’s not too much of a problem – it’s easy enough to look at the digital version! But, occasionally, it’s more fun not to. It’s a bit like … Continue reading

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Hetalia – Paint it White! Review: White is Right

Hetalia: Paint it White! America

Title: Hetalia – Paint it, White! (Hetalia the Movie) Rating: 12 So, I was curious how they would make a short-length skit-show into a full length film. And sadly it appears to be with a fairly flimsy plot strung together around sketches shamelessly poached from the series. Now don’t get me wrong, initially I really … Continue reading

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Welcome to the NHK – An Awkward Meeting

Welcome to the NHK Anime

Title: Welcome to the NHK Rating: 15 Welcome to the NHK is an unusual series. Adapted from a manga that was adapted from a novel, it deals with the life of a hikikomori named Sato Tatsuhiro, and his road to recovery. It deals with the first relationships he forms with real people since dropping out … Continue reading

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Dance in the Vampire Bund – It’s no Nabokov, that’s for sure…

Dance in the Vampire Bund Anime - Mina

Title: Dance in the Vampire Bund Rating: 15 When I first started watching ‘Dance in the Vampire Bund’, I was at first utterly delighted. The first episode was such a totally different approach to the introduction of vampires in a series that it thrilled me to my little heart. It opens with a B-movie style … Continue reading

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Manga UK Announce New License: Angel Beats.

Manga Market News - Manga UK Announces Angel Beats! License.

Last week, MangaUK announced that they have licensed critically acclaimed series Angel Beats for a UK release. The anime, which aired in Japan in the spring of 2010, will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray – despite MangaUK’s previous misfortune with blu-ray releases. The announcement falls in line with the company’s new blu-ray strategy…(Read More.)

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One Hell of a Butler – Black Butler Part 1 Review

Black Butler Anime Review Manga Market

Black Butler comes to the UK with a large weight of expectation on its shoulders. The manga has proved itself a cult success to the UK market, and the anime’s creators A-1 Pictures have seen success in other titles: Birdy the Mighty (aka Tetsuwan Birdy), Sound of the Skies (aka Sora No Woto), and the hugely popular Fairy Tale, Blue Exorcist and Fractale. With a pedigree like that, it would perhaps be expected for Black Butler to further that success, however sadly it appears the series falls into some of the same traps as Birdy the Mighty: DecodeRead More.

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A Little Birdy Told You… – Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Season 1 review.

I’ve been waiting a long time for another decent sci-fi anime to come around, and so far all I had to show for it was a copy of the first half of Planetes – an anime about rubbish collection in space, which soon found itself in a bin to experience the marvel of rubbish collection itself. As such, Birdy the Mighty: Decode had become one of the releases that I was eagerly anticipating.…(Read More.)

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